About us

The art of basics

bythebasics came into the world based on a goal to create a really good T-shirts. Neither more nor less. Since then, the range has grown. The T-shirt remains, but it has been joined by a larger group of basic products like hoodies and sweatshirts and many more things in the pipeline. Both for men and women.

We do not wish to invent the most eye-catching outfit on the catwalk – instead we create simple and well-produced quality products that you will also want to wear next year. However, the philosophy is the same and will continue to be. We really just want to celebrate the basics.

A basic philosophy

Our success in creating a T-shirt that we honestly want to wear every day has given us the motivation to create more products based on the same philosophy. We create simple clothes that move away from the ever-changing fashion trends. Basic products that can be styled up and down and personalized as well.

We strive to be honest and we strive to be straightforward. Ambitions are high, but the bar will always be down to earth. We always want to include ourselves and we don't make things more difficult than they are. Even if we grow, even if we go deeper, and even if the product range is slowly but surely expanding, it's all still ultimately about one thing: uncomplicated and timeless clothes of high quality.